The Shallow End.

We behave like old friends
Dancing through small talk
Until the unfulfilled potential leads to a moment.
I want all of you,
but don't know what to do.
My soul begs to tread water with you into the deep
To cling together on our hopes and dreams and fears.
I see the abyss in your eyes and I long to meet you there
Amidst your emotions you don't understand and dare not express.
Instead we splash lightly along the surface
As you reach to touch my skin.
Accelerated breathing.
Palms full of flesh. 
Entangled sheets.
Fistfuls of hair. 
Surrendered inhibitions. 
Teeth on throats. 
Forgotten emptiness
As we masquerade intimacy for truth.
Disappointed that lips and fingers can never reach my depth,
I let you kiss me instead of love me.
Mourning the death of a chance
to be known by you,
I'm hopeful you too will recognize the moment
When it arises again.


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