America's Gun Addiction

Woke this morning to news of the deadliest mass shooting in recent US history. Those in support of gun ownership for sport, hunting, and self-protection, I hear you.
But no one wants this!
No one approves of this!
Yes, the people of Las Vegas have come together in record numbers and first responders are freaking angels for risking their lives to save the victims. We are nothing if not a country united by tragedy. But, after countless acts of violence and terror from white men/boys using semi-automatic killing machines on our own soil, we need to accept we are also a country in denial.
We have a gun addiction. And guns, by design, bring violence. I don't want to see communities coming together over an attack. I want to see open-minded discussions that result in compromise and change to PREVENT an attack. My heart breaks for the nation again today.
With so much to fear in the world, I still believe we have the capacity to πŸ’›let Love leadπŸ’›. Connection and unity are closer than we think. Are you doing your part to foster it?
This lyric by Tom Petty cuts right to the point. #RIPTomPetty


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