A letter to my 2 year old self.

Dear one, I'm not gonna lie. You have some hard times ahead.
•Right now, you don't yet know that your family is broken. You don't yet realize how that trauma will implant itself in you and permeate every relationship, repeating patterns for years until you become aware.
•Right now, no one has told you you are too much or not enough and so your bravery is boundless. You are years away from drawing all of your gregarious love into yourself and dimming your light to appease the world.
•Right now, your entire life is ahead of you and there are many mistakes to be made. But don't be scared. Making them is part of your journey. And you will learn to fight.
Learn to heal.
Learn to love.
The world needs your power, not your innocence. And I'm so proud of who you become.


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