William Gurr, Principal (Virgil Middle School, Los Angeles, CA)"

“Jennie Willoughby has a combination of experiences and education that make her the perfect presenter for building health and wellness... As a student of meditation and wellness, she shares both personal anecdotes and hard science to build credibility and buy in.”

-William Gurr (Principal, Virgil Middle School, Los Angeles, CA)

Mary Lee Kiernan, President & CEO (YWCA Greenwich, CT)

"You could hear a pin drop during [Jennie's] presentation. [Her] message was so on point for this audience.  Jennie was particularly empathetic and patient with the many women who approached Jennie after her presentation in order to share their stories, for which we are extremely grateful."

-Mary Lee Kiernan (President & CEO, YWCA Greenwich)

TJ (Fairfax, VA)

"Jennie is one of the strongest people I know and one of the most beautiful human beings you will ever come across.  Her mental attitude and focus is resilient and her upbeat personality is contagious.  She has helped me focus on my goals in life by helping me prioritize what's really important and what I really want out of life.  Her positivity revives the human spirit and encourages you to push forward and keep going through whatever challenges you may be facing. She gives you hope when you need it most."

- TJ (Fairfax, VA)