When it rains it pours.

I have observed this cycle several times already this year. Leaving me with either no room to breathe or with so much space my will gets lost. Though I’ve tried to stay positive and I’ve tried to stay motivated, I’ve failed many times at both.

But the point is, this ebb and flow of wonderful blessings followed by placid mundaneness, this is “life.” And the onslaught of soul-touching tragedies followed by vast droughts of joy, this is “normal.”

The test is whether or not you will remain balanced and equanimous as the path unfolds. Can you hold focus on the beautiful and the divine even when it is not before you? Can you give thanks for the quickness of life even when the moments drag on? This is your test: Will you realize life while you live it...every, every minute?#bornebackceaselessly


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