What if nothing is wrong with you?

I watched a movie a couple years ago called “The Abundance Code.” In it, a woman’s friend asked her a revolutionary question. “What if nothing is wrong with you?”

What if you’re not too emotional, too needy, too cold, too unavailable, too excitable? What if you are beautiful, lovable, smart, kind, enough?

Imagine for a moment all the lovers who rejected you, all the jobs you didn’t get, all the love you didn’t receive from family, all the pain and heartache you’ve ever experienced, imagine they had nothing to do with you. Can you see it??

Sure, we should strive to unlearn unhealthy coping mechanisms or toxic patterns in our lives. But ultimately, nothing was ever WRONG with you. You were/are a beautiful, flawed human being doing the best he/she can. And so is everyone else. #bornebackceaselessly


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