Waiting on the Lord.

Last summer, I knelt in prayer multiple times a week for almost two months saying, “God, I am willing to lose my home, my car, my reputation, and all that I know to be true in order to serve Thee.”

I was asking for an opportunity to serve. I was telling God that my desires were wholly in alignment with His plans for me. I was surrendering to the universal truth that all things work together for good for those who serve Him.

I thought I was ready at the time. In fact, I actually thought I was already doing His work. 😂 And then the seed began to blossom.

All that I had offered up was slowly being asked of me. Loss began to follow me and I was tempted to give up. From the outside, it seemed as though things were falling apart. But I KNEW I was serving a greater call. I knew I was being guided.

Many versions of this message keep popping up in my life lately. A gentle reminder that the universe works in its own timing, not mine. And that the fruits of my labors are still a ways off. But I am willing. 🙏🏼 #bornebackceaselessly


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