The Power of Now.

Without consciously deciding to, I stepped away from social media for the past several weeks. I worked to process recent decisions and mistakes. I soaked in nature and in intimate conversations and in journaling and in getting lost in a good book.
With the freedom from "likes" and "comments," I remembered how infinite time truly is. Each moment never ends as we are transported effortlessly into the next and then the next and then the next.
You cannot, no matter how much your mind tries to convince you otherwise, separate yourself from this eternity. Fear and anxiety are forgetting the present and thinking of the future. Sadness and regret are ignoring the present while longing for the impossible recreation of the past.
The only eternity is the present moment. The meaning of life is to observe it, experience it, embrace it. Within this imminent unknown lies true healing, resiliency, hope, and love. #bornebackceaselessly


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