Speak your truth.

We do not heal from a place of fear or desperation. Healing comes from a place of peace and acceptance. The source of healing isn’t in identifying how you ended up in a situation. It’s in how you deal with it. It’s not making sense of the abuse. It’s healing despite it.

More than anything else I’ve accomplished in my life, I see how important my sharing THAT instagram post has been to serving others. Once you share publicly and out loud, and you realize you don’t die, you gain the power and confidence to do it again. I continue to share and to speak at events because I recognize how many are gathering their strength through me. It’s not that I or my story is unique. It’s that I’m willing to tell it. Seeing me allows others to find the courage to speak out as well.

Use your voice.
Speak the truth.
Start your healing. 🙏🏼 #bornebackceaselessly 


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