Election Day 2018.

The United States is in a moment seemingly filled with hatred and fear. But now is not the time to ignore what is going on around you.

Now is the time to educate yourself even more fully than you have before. Now is the time to seek out differing opinions in an attempt to understand. Don’t believe the rhetoric about the “enemy” or the “other.” Now is the time to reach across the aisle in an attempt to heal.

We all love our families. We all want good jobs, safe borders, and a strong economy. It is not us against anyone. 🇺🇸We are all Americans.🇺🇸 And we are in this together.

Do your own healing work so that you can elevate and lift others. Anger, hatred, and fear are symptoms of underlying pain. And we cannot overcome if we ignore it. #bornebackceaselessly


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