A new beginning.

One year ago, I was preparing for a big move to a new city. I was enamored with love and the possibilities inherent in a new relationship. My poems, posts, and texts foreshadowed the allure of a future I had designed for both. I was heart open and full of hope.

A year later, after adjusting to life in the spotlight, struggling in Gotham, and growing through depression, heartbreak, and disappointment, it’s amazing how hopeful I can still remain.

New York wasn’t the panacea I planned. New love wasn’t lasting love. And I’m not the bastion of strength and healthy living I had once presumed. But the most important thing is that I moved on. In fact, I moved up! (the only direction 😉) Proof positive that trials are here to elevate not destroy you. 🙏🏼 #bornebackceaselessly


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