Surrender to God.

I am working through you now. Your trust and my love guide you forward.  That it is hazy or unclear is of no concern because I see the end to where I am taking you.
And Love
All await those who serve me. And you are serving me with your words and your willingness.
Have you felt it: the peace that comes from surrender?
Remember all the times I told you to relax and just be.  I was helping you to get to here. To now. To this moment to serve.  By trusting me and trusting the process, I can use you to save so many.  To heal so many.
You are no longer part of the story.
Let the ego go.
Whether it is known or not, my work will be done.
There are many like you, waiting for the right moment to serve.
Can you see how easy it is when you surrender to the call?
Nothing can harm you.
Nothing is in your way.
All that transpires, transpires through my hand.
Allow it to unfold.
Allow it to be.


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