Self compassion.

I'm not always kind. I'm not always calm. I'm not always proud of my choices. I'm not always slow to react.
But I am patient with myself. And I am quick to forgive. I am willing to hear others' pain and endure their attacks. And I am able to remove my 'self' from most situations as I recognize that nothing is ever truly about me.
Every reaction I experience both viscerally and mentally are responses to my judgments on reality. And I have control over how deeply I will let these reactions affect me.
I have found that almost all of my suffering comes from convincing myself I have more of a say in how life unfolds than I actually do.
I control my actions.
I control my responses.
But I do not control the world.
Where can you soften and allow reality to exist as it is today? I promise you there is peace in letting go. #bornebackceaselessly


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