Longing for Home.

I have struggled my whole life to find somewhere I feel safe and as though my whole self is unconditionally accepted. I hear many people find that love from their mother, or their immediate family, or their spouse. But I have no experience with that kind of 'home.'
So I spent years changing myself or censoring myself to fit into whatever 'home' was available. Only to realize months, years, decades later that the parts of myself I'd denied were screaming to get out. And often in unhealthy or even destructive ways.

Recently, I'm practicing living out loud. Being unapologetic and completely myself. I follow my heart. I speak my mind. I make the best decisions I can in the moment. I laugh at my own jokes. And I forgive myself and others regularly for being human and for making mistakes.

After spending so long aching for acceptance to a 'home' that did not fit me. After years craving a safe place to escape the world. Now, I ache for authenticity, vulnerability, and to be seen and loved exactly as I am. Now I crave deep, heartspace connections where I am accepted as is and then challenged to become better.

I no longer long to escape to safety. Instead, I seek to show up wholly in every situation so that my very existence creates a safe place for others to be themselves too.
✨Thank you for joining me in my 'home.'✨


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