Heart Kindergarten.

You run from me because I know your secret. 
You know I SEE you:
Pretending to be carefree when you'd rather debate the humanity of it all.
Smiling and joking when you'd rather cry.
It scares you to know I'd hold you.
The sensitive little boy who walks around in big-boy clothes
Thinking about love, instead of allowing it in
Writing about love, instead of giving it
So confused by connection that you hide behind sarcasm
So terrified of emotion that you tuck it down deep
behind bravado and lust
But sex isn't love. 
And cynicism isn't depth. 
I hear your heart longing for someone to pull it out of you
But I can't do that for you
So I wait
For you to dredge it up yourself.
Dear one, I'll still be here when you figure it out
And I'll forgive you for making me wait
And you will be held. 
Because I've known your secret all along
And I still like you. 


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