A secret. (Pt 1)

I love everything I know about you.  I am intrigued by everything I don’t. The mischievous glint in your eye melts me.  I can’t breathe.  Each movement of your gaze reveals a treasure.  I go on talking as though my energy isn’t swirling around you like a magnetic field.  As though my passion isn’t expanding to be near you.  To be near you.  I reach to touch your skin.  I long to touch your soul.  Your voice drugs me.  My mind is fuzzy.  Am I making sense?  Each turn of the conversation rejuvenates me.  In ways I never knew I was numb, I feel.  I am alive.  Your kindness envelops me.  I lean in closer.  Your honesty entreats me.  I open toward you.  You talk of New York.  You say it’s growing on you.  I speak of awakenings.  I could talk like this for hours.  Sing to me of adventure.  Trace poetry on my skin.  Linger with me for a minute, a day, the night.  It’s no longer heat between us, it is God.  I preach to you of growth.  You postulate on truth.  The safe and polite distance between us grows smaller.  Inching closer to a moment.  A moment.  You told me you didn’t want me.  But you are here now.  Am I making this up in my mind?  I pull you closer.  Or did you pull me?  The embrace is longer than it should be.  But shorter than enough.  I inhale you.  Our lips brush.  I doubt my intuition.  I turn.  Your kiss lands on my cheek.  I force a smile as you walk away.  Do you know I love everything I know about you?


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