No more rat race.

Many have asked if I am happy to be back home.  I don’t know that “happy” is the word I would use.  To be honest, I don’t know that “home” is the right word either.  But I’m tolerating it.  I’m back, but in a different way.

There will never be another rat race for me.  My life is too valuable to waste time on things not inspiring, fulfilling, or enriching to my soul.  People balk, and yet anyone can join me in this endeavor.  A job cannot be merely a means to an end.  Because, honestly, what is the “end?”  You never know when the literal end is for you, so why work toward something that you may never see?  Instead work toward the moment right now.

How much will security matter if you die tomorrow?  Not that money, work, and security aren’t important.  But they are never the most important. I’ve decided I will no longer subject myself to jobs, people, or things which are not bringing me joy in my life right NOW.

Again, not that sacrifice and hard work aren’t necessary.  But my energy is better allocated to the things, people, and work which sustains my soul and fulfills my greater purposes of being on this earth.

Living in the moment is important because “the moment” is your life.  If you’re not living for this moment, right here, then you’re losing precious moments of living.

I’m sure there is something which excites your breath and fuels your soul.  THAT is your passion.  THAT is where your energy should be focused.

I will no longer suffer bullshit and that is good for anyone’s soul.  Christianity, Islam, Judaism, and other major religions teach being true to yourself and honoring your path.  It’s just that most churches have drowned out this message or watered it down by inserting cultural or bureaucratic expectations where dogmatic ones used to reside.

“In reality there are as many religions as there are individuals.” ~Ghandi

There is wisdom in your soul.  Are you listening?




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