I am certain of nothing except the holiness of the heart’s affections and the truth of imagination. ~Keats

What is creativity?

Is being an artist limited to painting, photography, woodwork, dance, theater, music? Isn’t finding the will to take the next step even when exhausted, defeated, and beaten down a master work of genius? Is survival an art? 

You see you wouldn't ask why the rose that grew from the concrete had damaged petals.
On the contrary, we would all celebrate its tenacity.
We would all love its will to reach the sun.
Well, we are the rose - this is the concrete - and these are my damaged petals.
Don't ask me why, thank God, and ask me how!

Resiliency theory.
My life is my art.
Survival is my masterpiece.
Optimism is my medium.
Strength is my canvas.
And compassion is my craft.

I don’t have to walk a mile in your shoes to believe your path has been riddled with trials, triumphs, fights, forgiveness, pain, joy, heartaches, and happiness.  I don’t have to experience your road to understand your journey here was miraculous.  I don’t have to hear your story to decide you are worthy of time, attention, and care.  I need only listen to my heart as it speaks to me of my own worth.



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