If you gotta start somewhere, I say, "Here!"

If I'm being completely honest - with myself and with you - I am terrified.  I fully intend to bear my soul in way that I never have before.  I fully intend to tell my story without sugar coating and without pretense.  There is no reason to hide the truth.

It is my truth.

It is my story.

But I'm terrified of my friends and family seeing things they don't want to see.  I'm terrified of my friends and family knowing things that they don't want to know.  I'm terrified of strangers judging my choices and commenting on my life.  Thankfully,  stronger than all of my terror is the overwhelming knowledge that I have something to say.  And being authentic and real is my goal.  So here goes nothing...

"Yo Dre, I've got something to say." - Ice Cube (N.W.A.)

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